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of the Old Testament

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Dear Brothers & Sisters,

As you may have heard- there is life-sized exhibit of the old testament tabernacle coming to our area (specifically- Riverdale Utah). We want to make you aware of the date our Stake has been assigned to serve at the exhibit.

You will be able to take family and friends to see the tabernacle while it is in Riverdale. Please review the information in the attached letter from the Stake Presidency. This is a great chance to see and learn about the tabernacle that was originally constructed during Old Testament times.

Thank you for considering this opportunity.


Huntsville Utah Stake Presidency

Attached Stake Letter on Tabernacle exhibit

Brothers and Sisters of the Huntsville Utah Stake,

We have a unique opportunity this fall as we join with 33 other stakes in Weber County to tour and host a life-sized replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle. We invite you to attend the tabernacle tour with your neighbors, friends and/or families on October 6th 2022, which is the day that has been assigned to our stake to serve there. The Tabernacle replica is set up on the grounds of the church building at 4000 S Parker Dr. (1150 W) Riverdale, Utah 84405 and the tours take approximately one hour. If you are unable to tour the tabernacle on our stake’s assigned day, it is open to everyone from September 29-November 4, 2022 at this site. Tickets are free, but everyone who comes needs to have a ticket. When tickets become available you will be able to get them on the website “tabernacle2022.com”. A link to this is on the HuntsvilleStake.com site. A QR code will be provided for our stake members to get tickets one week before they are available to the public. The exhibit is open 9am-9pm, except Sundays 4-9pm. The last tour begins at 9pm. The tours will be closed October 1-2 for General Conference, and October 31st.

The purpose of this effort is far more than to tour a curious replica of an ancient structure. Our hope is to grow closer to the Savior by better understanding temple covenants and ordinances; through this ancient tabernacle you will see the connection to our modern temples and the Savior. We encourage you to participate in this unique opportunity in several ways:

Learn: Use the following resources to deepen your understanding about the ancient tabernacle as well as modern temple symbols and covenants:

  • Review resources found at https://www.tabernacle2022.com

  • Attend the regional devotional on October 9, 2022 at 7:00pm in the Ogden Tabernacle. Guest speakers are Kirk Rees, Institute Director and Elder Michael Staheli, an area 70. Look to the website tabernacle2022.com for more information on online streaming or in-person tickets.

Attend: Plan on touring this tabernacle replica on our stake’s assigned day to see the youth and others from our stake as they participate as hosts for that day, or come anytime while the exhibit is here in the Ogden area.

Serve: Our stake members have the opportunity to help run the exhibit on Thursday, October 6th. Stake or ward leaders will be assigning and asking for volunteers to serve for 2 or 4 hour shifts that day. We are asking for youth 11-18 to run the areas inside the tabernacle. Please accept an assignment if the opportunity comes your way.

We are excited about this unique opportunity to learn and to serve together. We feel that this tabernacle experience will give all of us the opportunity to heed the words of the Prophet from General Conference when he said “I plead with you to seek- prayerfully and consistently- to understand temple covenants and ordinances.”

May the Lord bless you and your families through this wonderful, unique temple experience.


The Stake Presidency

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