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Learn more about the 12 Principles of Self-Reliance by watching these powerful videos:

Exercise Faith in Jesus Christ (D&C 104:15)

Use Time Wisely (Alma 34:32)

Be Obedient (D&C 130:20–21)

Manage Money (D&C 104:78)

Work: Take Responsibility (D&C 42:42; 2 Nephi 2:16, 26)

Solve Problems (Ether 2:18–19, 23; 3:1, 4)

Become One, Work Together (Moses 7:18; D&C 104:15–17)

Communicate: Petition and Listen (D&C 8:2)

Seek Learning and Education (D&C 88:118–119)

Stay On Task, Receive Ordinances (D&C 84:20; D&C 136:4; 1 Nephi 18:2–3)