Stake Presidency

Lance A. Albrechtsen, President - W. Rick Bailey, First Counselor - Chris Phipps, Second Counselor
G. Troy Haun, Stake Clerk - Kelly R. Amann, Stake Executive Secretary
Pen Hollist, Finance Clerk

Temple Recommend Interviews held at Stake Center, Tuesdays at 7:00 pm


Church Handbook Training  - Councils

Preparation for Ward Conference (click to read more)

Preparation for Ward Conference


Temple Session:  All ward members should be encouraged to attend the temple during the weeks before conference.  A special effort should be made to renew any lapsed recommends prior to conference.


YM/YW:  A special YM/YW activity will take place on a Wednesday prior to Ward Conference at 7:00 pm at President Rigby’s bunkhouse (3141 No. River Drive, Eden) please check the stake calendar for any changes. A special effort should be made to invite all mutual-age young men and young women in your ward. Any changes to this activity should be coordinated with President Rigby.


Melchizedek Priesthood Leader Stewardship Interviews:  The stake presidency will interview the Elders

Quorum Presidency during the month of ward conference. Brother Gleaves will coordinate the appointments.


Auxiliary Ministering Visits: Relief Society, Sunday School, Primary and youth presidencies (youth may be accompanied by advisors) are invited to visit some members of their organizations prior to ward conference and invite less active members to participate in the activities and meetings.


Ward Ministering Visits and Training:  At 7:00 pm on an assigned evening around Ward Conference, the stake presidency and 2 assigned high councilors will meet with the bishopric, Elders Quorum President and Ward Mission Leader at your ward building.  A member of the stake presidency will conduct the meeting. The group will pair up (there should be 5 companionships) and visit ward members (as determined by the bishop). Please make an appointment with two families for each companionship to visit (beginning at 7:45 - 8:00 pm).


Officers Sustained Form:  The ward clerk should complete two (2) accurate and legible copies of the

Officers Sustained Form (see Leader & Clerk Resources under Reports).  Please provide these forms to the stake presidency at the Ward Ministering Visits and Training Meeting.



Sunday Block Meetings:


·        Sacrament Meeting:  After the ward business and before the sacrament, a member of the High Council will conduct the sustaining of church officers.  After the sacrament, the bishop should address the ward on the conference theme or another topic of his choosing (to be finished at 20 minutes to the hour).  Time does not permit for youth speakers.  Following the bishop’s address, the ward choir should present one musical number.  The remainder of the meeting will be under the direction of the stake presidency.


·        Sunday School:  Sunday School will NOT be held on the week of ward conference. If ward conference falls on the 1st or 3rd Sunday of the month (which normally includes Sunday School), RS, Priesthood & YW/YM meetings will be scheduled instead.


·        Elders Quorum: The Elders Quorum meeting will be conducted by the Elders Quorum Presidency.  After announcements, please turn the time over to a member of the High Council to conduct stake business. President Child and/or a member of the High Council will teach the Elders Quorum.


·        Relief Society:  The meeting will be conducted by the ward relief society presidency.  The ward Relief Society President should consult with the stake Relief Society President in advance as to who (ward or stake) will teach the lesson.


·        Young Men/Young Women:  A combined YM/YW meeting will be held, conducted by a member of the bishopric.  After an opening song or special musical number, a young man and a young woman will briefly address the group for approximately 3 minutes each. The remainder of the meeting will then be under the direction of President Rigby and/or the stake YW/YM presidencies.


·        Ward Clerks/Executive Secretary Training: The ward clerk, assistant clerks and executive secretary will meet with their stake counterparts during the second hour at the ward clerk office.

Ward Conference Preparation (click to read more)

Ward Conference Preparation

Your Ward Conference schedule is as follows:


Youth Activity at Bunk House                                 ________, ____,_ 7:00 pm


Stake Leaders will present activity & discussion  


Stake and Ward leader visits                                ________, ____,_   7:00 pm

                     Meet at Bishops office

                     Discussion 30 minutes

                     Visiting set up by Ward     (5 companionships to visit 1 or 2 families each)

Sunday Ward Conference                                      ________, ____,_______am/ pm       


Sacrament Meeting:

         Prepare 2 copies of Officers Sustained Form (see leader and clerk resources

         Assigned High Councilor conducts sustaining during Sacrament Meeting

         Bishop speaks       

         Ward Choir or other Musical Number

         Member of Stake Presidency speaks 10-12 minutes


Combined Young Men and Young Women Meeting:

         Bishopric Conducts

         2 youth speakers - 3 minutes each

         Musical selection (optional)

         Stake Leaders will take balance of time


Elders Quorum Meeting:

         Stake Leaders will teach


Relief Society Meeting:

         As Normal – Stake Relief Society may teach if desired by Ward Relief Society President


A Ward Temple Session is always a nice event during the week or so prior to Ward Conference


Ward                               Conference Date          YMYW Bunk House Date Ward Visit Date

Stake Area Plan Implementation

Area Plan Implementation 

To Live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, We Will:

To Gather Israel Through Missionary Work, We Will:

To Care for the Poor and the Needy, We Will:

Salvation of the Dead, We Will:

Individual and Families- Individual and families (in family councils) may ask themselves: