Temple & Family History Middle Fork

Middlefork Ward

Temple and Family History Goal

“Create a Ward”

As we kick off our ward temple and family history goal, we need YOUR HELP!  We will be doing temple ordinances for our ancestors and friends on the other side of the veil and hope to complete this goal by the end of the year.

Here’s the plan for creating a NEW ward---in heaven 

Our goal is to do the following amount of temple ordinances.



Initiatories-250                                    For a total of 1800 ordinances



 We need you!  Youth too!  To complete these ordinances, it will take all of us


When you attend the temple take a picture of your name card/cards and text the picture or info to Templegoal@gmail.com.   If you forget to take a pic, just send a text saying what ordinance you did and if it was male or female.  We will be keeping track of each name and ordinance so that we can fill in our temple windows and watch the progress as we go.  See the bulletin board in the east foyer hallway!  By the end of the year, we hope to have completed our ordinance goals, and we will have created a NEW WARD!  Yay!  The Middlefork ward angel tree will be something special this year 

If you have any questions, reach out to any of our ward temple and family history committee. ---Spencer or Brenley Burton, Leslie Stitt, Shalin Bailey, Chris Williams, Trevor Nye, Eden Burton, Matthew Groom