Welcome to

the Huntsville Utah Stake of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Home of David O. McKay the 9th President of the Church.

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6450 E. 1900 N.
Eden, UT 84310

Bishop Dan Davenport
Bud Wheeler, First Counselor
Eric Zenger, Second Counselor

Bishop Brian L. Keith
Aaron Wolthuis, First Counselor
Jeffrey R. Owen, Second Counselor

Lynn J. Ferrin
Lynne Graves
Craig & Lynette Oberg

President David Wadman
President Lon Child
President Larry Rigby

277 S. 7400 E.
Huntsville, UT 84317

Bishop Michael Hillstrom
Michael Malmborg, First Counselor
Craig Wilcox, Second Counselor

Bishop Larel Parkinson
Kevin Anderson, First Counselor
David Morse, Second Counselor

Bishop Rodney Layton
Chad Roberts, First Counselor
Scott Adams, Second Counselor

2900 N. HWY 162
Eden, UT 84310

Bishop Lee Miles
BJ Hogge, First Counselor
Burt Willie, Second Counselor

Bishop Brent Scott
Dennis P. Barrett, First Counselor
Jeffery Lipscomb, Second Counselor

4279 N. 3300 E.
Liberty, UT 84310

Bishop Scott D. Miller
Brad Willson, First Counselor
Clayton Cook, Second Counselor

Bishop Mike Loud
Dennis Gooch, First Counselor
Brett Harrop, Second Counselor

Bishop Steven R. Combe
Travis L. Hemming, First Counselor
Kerry A. Robbins, Second Counselor

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Temple Recommend Interviews held at Stake Center, Tuesdays at 7:00 pm

Abuse, Addiction, Adoption, Death, Grieving, and Loss, The Savior, Disabilities, Divorce, Education, Employment, Family and Relationships, Finances, Media Safety, Mental and Emotional Health, Physical Health, Pornography, Preparedness, Pregnant and Single, Same-Sex Attraction, Self-Reliance Services, Single-Parent Families, Suicide, Transgender

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